Being Successful

  For those of you who have expressed interest in CashCrate by signing up and have already started doing some offers, but are looking to take that next step to earning even more money, then read this page carefully.

1. You can't earn money unless you try!  That’s right; you actually have to put effort into CashCrate. So many people who I've seen up have given up because they think it would be impossible to earn a little if not any money using CashCrate. However I'm telling you, that it IS possible! My friend when he first signed up was skeptical as well, but giving it a try he made $14 in 25 minutes which is around $28 an hour! Repeat this step several times a week, and you could make more money then you thought you could by using CashCrate.

2. Try using the other components of CashCrate.  For those of you who don't like to do offers, try gaining referrals. By earning active referrals, you’re essentially earning money with no effort. The only thing that you will have to do is make sure to find some reliable people who will continue to fill out and complete offers.

3. COMBINE step 1 and 2 together for maximum results!  The only way you will be able to be successful with CashCrate is if you use all the aspects CashCrate offers you. This may be hard, but some simple tactics to make it work for you is maybe one day focus on doing strictly offers, and then another day try to gain new referrals. Whatever floats your boat, will be fine, but if you want to earn that $100 a week you'll have to use everything CashCrate has to offer.

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